CHIC Development Foundation



The CHIC Development Foundation is a registered Non Profit Organization established to assist children from a disadvantaged background though the vehicle of sport, amongst others. The main aim is to give some of these youngsters an opportunity they otherwise may not have had, and thereby to increase their opportunities and chances of success in life.

Cycling was chosen as the initial backbone of the program, whilst at the same time focusing on the children’s education and by implication thus hopefully positively impacting on their prospects for future employment in the adult world. Through the focus of the program on Sport and Studying, many invaluable broader life skills are addressed and fostered

How it happens

Potential candidates are screened at school, in conjunction with the headmaster and teachers, to determine their interest in cycling as a sport. They then need to perform a time trial to give an indication of their physical ability and attitude. It is not expected from the candidate to be the fastest, but determination and commitment need to be shown. If selected, an in-depth interview is conducted by a social worker, to find out more about his/her history and family background. A candidate needs to complete a 3-month probation period on the program, during which they will train regularly under the close guidance and supervision of a coach. If the candidate successfully complete the probation period, continued participation is dependent on the two the main criteria of dedication & discipline:

  • Dedication: to training, education and the sponsors. Promoting dedication will encourage commitment and perseverance to the task at hand, as well as working towards long term goals.
  • Discipline: the aim of discipline is to change behaviour in a positive manner, to help develop a sensible value system that will enable the youngsters to make independent choices in life. By promoting discipline, an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance is created and team work enhanced.

The youngsters on the program must not only learn valuable life skills, but also embrace a healthy lifestyle. Substance abuse, for example, is not tolerated.

Above all, it is our wish that they have positive, constructive fun whilst learning and becoming better equipped for life.

  • Beginning at the bottom, the opportunity to work your way up
  • With dedication and hard work, scale heights that previously were perceived as insurmountable
  • Once individual challenges have been overcome and the top reached – reach for the stars..!

Simonsberg – inspiration for the CHIC logo, and symbolic of what can be achieved through the program

Contact Details

Telephone: 076 830 5578

ASG Mission Statement:

To present a world-class mountain bike experience, which provides entrants with the opportunity of networking in a unique and relaxed environment. To ensure that the event represents a unique and upmarket experience for all participants, sponsors and stakeholders.