Registration will take place at the following venues:

  • Friday 16 November: Meerendal Wine Estate, Durbanville: 10h00 – 18h00
  • Saturday 17 November:  Meerendal Wine Estate, Dubanville:  05h00 – 06h30

No late entries will be accepted for the event at registration venue


R5900.00 per team
Entries close at 23h59 on 31 October 2018


Riders will be re-seeded for after Day 1


No late entries will be accepted at the registration venue or on the day of the race.


The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled for safety reasons.

No refunds will be made.


The race organizers have complete discretion in deciding whether to accept the entry of a participant. The organisers receive the right to refuse the entry of any rider should they so decide. All race results will be in the hands of the race organisers whose decision will be final, there being no right of appeal.

For any further enquiries please contact ASG Events on 076 830 5578 or email


Entrants and participants (“Participants”) in the Sanlam MTB Invitational – 2018 (“the Event”) acknowledge that although all precautions have been taken by the organizing body to ensure the safety of all participants, there may be dangers inherent in participation in the Event and activities related thereto. Participants voluntarily assume the risks of attendance at and participation in the Event and hereby waive all claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising in relation to the Event or otherwise against any parties, including but not limited to the organizing body, the sponsors. The advertisers, any local authority and/or the directors, employees, suppliers and assistants of these parties, including any individual, official, marshal or agent (“the Parties”). Participants hereby irrevocably indemnify and hold harmless the Parties against any liability and claims of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising (whether directly or indirectly caused and whether arising from negligence, albeit gross, or from the participation or involvement in or passage to or from the Event or otherwise) including but not limited to liability for delay, inconvenience, accident, death, injury, illness to their person, or loss or damage to property or costs and expenses sustained, incurred or put to by Participants and/or by any minor children under the care or control of Participants. Parents or guardians authorizing a minor’s participation in the Event, which shall prima facie be evidenced by their signature on this entry form, hereby consent to such minor being bound to the aforegoing and further indemnify the Parties to the extent, if any, to which such minor is not capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated above.